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Product Lead at @DeliveryHeroCom. Formerly @HelloFresh, @BBC, @Atos. Passion for product, business &tech. I like helping people solve problems. Berlin

Why picking the right metric to track success is so important and, yet, so difficult

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From creative use of shapes, custom animated gifs and sharing — add polish to your next slidedeck

Use this technique to improve understanding throughout your day — customer interviews, hiring, 1:1s and stakeholder management.

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Most people do…

A list of books with digest reviews for Product Managers at all stages of their careers

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  • Product Culture
  • People & Leadership
  • Measurement & Performance
  • UX & Design

Practical advice for Buddies and Managers to help your new joiner settle in and rock it.

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A list of podcasts to listen, learn and engage with Product Management

  1. Product Management
  2. Business & Organisations
  3. User / Customer Research
  4. Productivity

Foster alignment, broaden understanding and find focus

Don’t be the Product Manager that slows delivery, isolates your team, and burns out.

Lessons learned from over 100 retros and 4 teams to improve focus and delivery

Curtis Stanier

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