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Curtis Stanier
6 min readMay 11, 2022


Explanation — this post is almost an exact copy of the Personal ReadMe I used internally at Delivery Hero Tech Blog. The document is open to everyone in Delivery Hero to view and comment. The only change is the removal of links to internal files and charters.

In the interest of transparency, I wanted to have a copy of this document in full.

About Me

  • I grew up in the north of the UK. Spent a few years living in Jersey, then London and, then, Berlin.
  • I love board games — particularly ones that involve strategy or cooperation. My favourites are Game of Thrones: The Board Game, Imperial Settlers, Takenoko and Pandemic.
  • I have a wonderful wife (Nikki!) and two cats and a dog. The cats are the boss. You will see them appear on Zoom calls when I’m working from home
  • My fitness hobbies are long distance running (10–25km) and rugby
  • I studied Classical History at University (Latin & Ancient Greek, Roman & Greek History) and have a favourite Roman tombstone inscription!
  • My first job was at Domino’s Pizza. I could make a large pepperoni pizza in less than 30seconds (I won a badge for it!)
  • When I get excited I can speak very quickly — feel free to tell me to slow down, I won’t be offended!

My Role

I am the Product Lead for the Foundation Teams (Client Foundation & Platform Foundation). I am here to support the teams in delivering value to the organisation by sharing context and providing support to them and their stakeholder group.

As I touch on below. I enjoy helping teams and organisations be successful so I also get involved in topics like Employer Branding and Team Culture.

In the past, I’ve been involved in Driver Trees, the Homescreen, Mobile Infra and Design Engineering.

Finally, my LinkedIn profile:

My Approach to Product

  • Product and Engineering have a significant overlap. I trust my engineering counterpart to make a product decision in my absence. I hope my engineering counterpart trusts me to make an engineering decision in…



Curtis Stanier

Director of Product at @DeliveryHeroCom. Formerly @HelloFresh, @BBC, @Atos. Passion for product, business &tech. I like helping people solve problems. Berlin